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How I Talk to My Son About My Chronic Illness

A few months ago, I was taken to hospital in the ambulance. I had caught a winter virus from my son, who was kind enough to vomit on my face—twice. Since I don’t have a colon, my system can only sustain being sick out of both ends for about two hours. After that...

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Melancholia: After My Diagnosis of Depression A while ago, I wrote about my struggle with my mental health and my subsequent diagnosis of anxiety and depression. I promised to write a daily diary detailing what was happening to me. And I did—for three days. Then I...

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AW Cross was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2009, and since then has run the gamut of IBD from ileostomy to j-pouch before being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2016. Intended to be humorous-but-pragmatic guides, her “Quick and Dirty Tips for Surviving” series was written as a response to her personal experience with her condition and what she felt was a lack of positive and practical day-to-day advice for patients.




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